Revolutionising Education: The Vital Role of Technology in Modern Learning

Vital Role of Technology in Modern Learning

Technology in modern learning has great potential for enhanced outcomes. At times, its role is understated. However, educational institutions which have adopted technology in their learning framework have shown positive results. Even if its adoption is small, to begin with, both students and teachers benefit from the same.

They make learning interactive and engaging. Thus, it simplifies and makes learning fun too. You may even come across schools that have adopted Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) based learning. This gives students a feel of how things work in real life safely.

Interactive whiteboards and educational games are another form of technology-based learning.

A big advantage of technology-based learning is that it can reach a wider segment of students who are from the financially weaker sections of society. Cost-effective solutions implemented by the government, foundations or other NGOs can help these students get access to the same learning content or learning methodologies available to those who can afford it.

Technology enables teachers to create customised learning plans and students to learn at their own pace. Many platforms such as Zoom, Google Classrooms, Teams and others allow students to communicate with their teachers and other students to collaborate on projects or share documents irrespective of their physical location.

How does technology play a vital role in modern learning?

Wide choice of technology: Students can choose from the multiple technology solutions available for their learning needs. Different solutions suit different students and benefit each one accordingly.

  1. Internet access allows flexibility in learning: Your kids can learn or do their assignments and projects at a time of their choosing. All they need to do is to be connected to the internet, whether at school, home or even on a vacation.
  2. Acquire new skills or knowledge: Your kids can use technology to do a new course online or even learn new skills that are relevant to their curriculum.
  3.  Fun and engaging: Tech-based learning allows your kids to have fun while learning. This is essential for their motivation.
  4. Staying updated: Your kids get the advantage of staying up to date about the latest technological advancements. 
  5. Boosts communication and collaboration: Tech-based learning helps your kids interact effectively with their teachers and other students. It also helps with one-to-one interaction.
  6. Wide resources for teachers: Your kids benefit when their teachers can deliver learning through the use of tech solutions like educational games, online quizzes, video lessons, infographics and more. Tests could also be delivered online.
  7. Personalised learning opportunities: Students can research their subjects more or even get extracurricular knowledge during their free time.

Apart from these benefits, technology adoption on a mass scale in learning makes it very cost-effective. They cost a fraction of the amount required for physical materials such as textbooks and also solve storage issues. 

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