Stress in Teenagers: Symptoms & Management

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Teenagers refer to those who lie in the age bracket from puberty until the age of 18. This is a period when they try to find their identity through relationships, dressing and food styles, friendship circles, etc. Skill Stork is the best international school in Warangal. We focus on our students’ holistic growth apart from academic excellence.

Schooling is the vital centre of a teenager’s activities. Many other things branch out from here. So, you would be able to observe a lot of stress in them, especially in the complex modern world. Hence, this could be the stress to perform in academics, extracurricular activities, sports and more.

This is the time when a student gets groomed for their future careers and roles. Hence, finding a balance that reduces their stress levels is important for success.

How does stress affect teenagers?

Stress is the body’s reaction to an unexpected event or change in the environment. It is a protection mechanism of the human body. But too much stress can be harmful. 

For a teenager, stress can come from – 

Busy schedule: Preparing for a test, doing homework and after-school activities.

Important events: Giving presentations, doing solo in a musical concert or anchoring a school event.

Communication: It could be a misunderstanding with a friend or even fear about proposing to a member of the opposite gender. 

Sleep: Irregular sleep that makes them feel irritated.

Studies indicate that teenage bodies release more cortisol in comparison to adults during periods of stress. This causes physiological responses such as increased heart rate, blood pressure, faster breathing, etc. Also, they experience greater cognitive impairment than adults. So this may lead to anxiety, depression or even drug abuse.

Symptoms of stress in teenagers

Sleep issues: Trouble staying or falling asleep. But a depressed teen sleeps too much, especially after school.

Academic issues: Poor performance in tests, problems with school work or poor attendance.

Frequent illness: Teens under stress fall ill frequently.

Headaches & Stomach Aches: It could be stressful if they happen frequently. 

Concentration issues: Easily distracted in class and unable to concentrate on homework.

Worry: Unusually worrying about the bad things that could happen to them and also what others think about them.

 Irritation: If your teen has been very irritable lately, even for minor things, it indicates stress.

 Social life:  Your teen spends more time in their room than before. Also, they show less interest in talking to friends.

Behavioural changes: Unusually skipping school, talking back, etc.

Unusual negative talk.

Stress management for teenagers
  • Listen to your teenager well and ensure they aren’t overloaded.
  • Monitor if stress affects their health, thoughts, behaviour, etc.
  • Encourage them to involve themselves in sports and other healthy activities.
  • Encourage a healthy diet and regular exercise.
  • Ensure they get good sleep.
  • Keep them away from excess caffeine, which can induce feelings of anxiety or agitation.
  • Encourage them to feel good about their work.
  • No pressure for perfection.
  • Assure that you’re always there for them.
  • Encourage your teenager to join a friend circle that would positively impact them.

While stress is quite common among teenagers, a little care can help them balance their activities. 

Skill Stork is the best international school in Warangal. We focus on our students’ holistic growth apart from academic excellence. If this is what you envision of your child, join our tribe.

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