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Academic Pathway

Knowing the path makes the decisions easy. One key aspect that all parents need to be informed about is the pathway upon which their child develops. So, to make it easy for the parents and to help them make an informed decision, we have prepared an Academic Pathway. This makes it easier to understand the roles of the curricula we have at Skill Stork. So, your child’s Academic Path at Skill Stork looks like below:

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Now that you know the direction of Academics, next comes the question of which curriculum to choose for their child. Worry not, our admission counsellors can help you through the decision making process. We believe that the academic path isn’t just about knowledge and excellence, but also helps the kids achieve happiness through learning. It also impacts the future plans your child might have as to which field to succeed in. Based on all the above and more factors, you can have a detailed discussion with our Admission counsellors and make the right decision.