International CBSE School in Warangal


A realistic approach to learning

What is CBSE?

  • CBSE stands for Central Board of Secondary Education a national program
  • The CBSE board curriculum is age-appropriate. It caters to the age group 6 to 16.
  • CBSE curriculum is more student-friendly than other school boards in India and is designed to keep students at the centre.
  • The books are interactive and allow students to gain knowledge about different things with joy.
  • CBSE Primary Years now follows an interdisciplinary approach, making the curriculum more realistic and application-based.

How does it benefit?

  • CBSE is a lot more student-friendly than State Boards. Its course structure is designed to ensure that students do not face a lot of pressure and books are made interactive and interesting.
  • Hands-on learning helps students gain knowledge in a healthy and productive manner.
  • The board puts efforts for a thorough understanding and learning of students, which ensures mugging is not required to score good marks in the exam.
  • The curriculum is regularly surveyed and updated by the board.
  • Other than the predominant focus on science and math, CBSE offers significant value to the application of logical techniques in subjects.
  • CBSE board exams are facilitative to the students in order to provide a positive environment while also tests learning capacity through an efficient exam pattern.
  • The syllabus of NCERT is the foundation for the curriculum of CBSE. This gives a competitive advantage to the students who want to pursue their future studies from top institutions, such as AIIMS and IIT. Moreover, CBSE organizes preliminary exams for these institutions thus, giving the students an edge over others.
  • CBSE emphasizes sports and physical activities.
  • Focus on constitutional values like- Seva, Ahimsa, Swachchhata, Satya, Nishkam karma and Shanti through Vocational training and Value-based education.

What we offer?

  • Primary School (Gr. 1 to 5): English, Second language, Mathematics, Science/EVS, Social Studies, Art and Craft, Music/Dance, PE, Computer Science and Third language (Gr.5 onwards).
  • Middle School (Gr. 6 to 8): English, Second language, Third language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Art and Craft, Music, Dance, PE and ICT.
  • Life-skills Education is compulsory for Grades 1 to 8.
  • Secondary School (Gr. 9 and 10): English, Second language, Mathematics, Science and Social Science, Health Education and PE /Art Education/Work Education and Information Technology.
  • High School (Gr. 11 and 12)
    • SCIENCE STREAM: English, Mathematics / Informatics Practices, Physics, Chemistry and Biology / Economics / Computer Science, PE and Work Education.
    • COMMERCE STREAM: English, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics/Computer Science, Mathematics / Informatics Practices, PE and Work Education.