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Parental Inclusion

A curriculum for parents too

Parents will always be the first teachers for kids. So, we make sure the teaching sessions from parents never stop and keeps them engaged with the concept of learning. We've developed a Parental participation programme, which strengthens and hones the teaching skills of parents.

Parent Orientation Programme: Parents are invited to the school twice a year, where they are briefed thoroughly on the curriculum and our teaching methodologies.

Parent-Teacher meet: Held once every month, where we focus and collaborate with parents on discussing the learning development and patterns in children.

Culmination Day: It's conducted thrice a year. And parents go through their child's progress and observe their kids' skills in selective areas of interest.

Parental Communication: With our extensive app, we provide parents with pertinent information and tracking their children's abilities. It can also be used to update your children's leave too. We also send out newsletters on the latest information and updates about the school's events and progress.