How can a mother be a role model to her kid?

How can a mother be a role model to her kid

It’s an obvious science and statement that parents are the first role models to their children. Spending most of their development years in close quarters with them will definitely have a greater impact on how they perceive the world around them. If we have to compare the impact of a mother and father on their kids, science takes the lead and answers that mothers have a greater impact. It is biological and would need a deeper understanding. But, in this blog, we are going to delve more into the actions that you, a mother, need to take to make sure that you’re the right role model for your children. 

Respect isn’t just an elderly thing!

Our generation has a wrong perception of the concept of respecting others. It might be from the fact that we were told to respect our elders. So, we think that respect is an elderly thing. In a true sense, respect is a mutual trait and applies to all ages and genders. So, the first thing that you can make a habit of is respecting your children’s opinions and thoughts. 

No matter how small their opinions are, you should always make sure that you listen to them properly and respect their stand on every matter. Once you start doing this, you’ll observe that they replicate the same with everyone around them. The great learning from this is that respecting others is a trait of leaders. 

Let your life be an open book

Do you remember the stories of your parents when they were kids? Did you imagine their sense of fun and responsibility when your parents narrated their stories to you? This storytelling about life to your kids builds strength in them. You might wonder what stories from your childhood can do to your kid! Let’s see this from a kid’s perspective. Kids are imaginative. So, the moment you start narrating your story, they put themselves in your position and live your life.

While doing this, do not back down to give them the bad situations of your life. By opening up with them about how you treated life, they will create a sense of reality to how you survived and fought the situation. 

Hitting them is never an option

Did you know that if you abuse your children, they are more likely to abuse theirs when they become adults? That is true. Even though it is a widely debated topic between generations, it is true that abuse never sets the right statement. So, the next time your children start to not agree with your opinion, make sure that you don’t speak to them in an aggressive way. Instead, you should try to be firm and clear with your tone of voice. 

This will set the right value for your children in the future, and they too will learn how to be firm and clear about their opinions. 

There you go. These are a few tips for you, dear mothers, on how to be the best role model for your children. Even though we, as a school, do our best to shape the kids in the right way, we still need huge help from the parents too. So, we thank you for being such a wonderful teacher. With that being said, we hope that you learned something new from this blog. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us. 

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