Benefits of Choosing A CBSE Curriculum.

benefits of cbse curriculum

Choosing an educational curriculum for your kid requires thorough introspection. Different curriculums around the world have different ways of teaching methodologies. To say so, the CBSE curriculum methodology differs from the IB, Cambridge and other international curricula methodologies. Similarly, within India, there are multiple state board curriculums and national curriculums. They include CBSE, ICSE, HSC and others.

If you take a look at the history of education in India, you’ll observe that CBSE has been quite popular at the national level. CBSE stands for Central Board of Secondary Education. It was established in the year 1929 and comes under the Government of India.
It is popular among the other Indian curricula taught outside India too. Some reasons include holistic education, a rational grading system, national and international recognition, and more.

How could your kid benefit from a CBSE curriculum?
The CBSE curriculum has a well-defined curriculum structure which ensures that it benefits students in the long run. Its framework has evolved over the decades and continues to do so. The curriculum will benefit your kid in numerous ways.

Modern teaching approach: The modern CBSE curriculum framework has a very practical approach to every subject taught, unlike the old framework. It uses a fun and interactive methodology to ensure that kids enjoy their lessons while grasping the concepts.

Regular curricular updation: As a national-level education board, the curriculum undergoes periodic reviews to keep it updated with the latest discoveries, inventions, happenings and more from around the globe and the country. On curriculum updation, CBSE teaching staff all over India and abroad undergo mandatory training sessions to update their knowledge.

CBSE also ensures that the teaching staff undergo training in updated teaching methodologies suggested by the board.
Relocation: It is easy for a CBSE student to relocate to another CBSE school anywhere around India and internationally. All CBSE schools follow the same standards everywhere, with the exception of minor changes to accommodate local conditions.

Rational grading & exam system: The CBSE curriculum encourages a liberal grading system that helps students in their higher education and career. Students test for the knowledge they acquire. Grading is done for extracurricular activities, which finds importance at international universities and in India, too, nowadays.

Emphasis on holistic development: The CBSE curriculum requires that students be involved in adequate extracurricular activities like sports, crafts, music, dance, public speaking and much more. This promotes the holistic development of your kid.

Additional benefits for students post-secondary school.

Preparing for entrance exams: A unique advantage of the CBSE curriculum is the facility to prepare for national entrance exams such as JEE, AIPMT, NEET, etc. So, the curriculum structure allows students to prepare for these exams easily, reducing their exclusive dependence on coaching classes.

Stream flexibility: Students can choose the stream of their choice without any pressure.

Thus, the CBSE curriculum offers your kid advantages that will be beneficial currently and in the future. Additionally, a world-class school enhances the benefits offered by the CBSE curriculum.
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