Why is it important for children to participate in decision-making?


Childhood is synonymous with fun and discovery. This is the period when children set out on a journey of learning. While on the one hand, learning means all about school and education; on the other hand, learning at home has immense value too. And this is where you, as a parent, come into play. Making children part of your decision-making process should be an exciting task to come together. This process helps them boost their confidence and allows children to improve their sense of advocacy for themselves. In this blog, we will give tips on involving your kids in making decisions actively.

What is child participation?

Child participation happens when they can discuss and decide on matters together. From family decisions to decisions about community, let them take part. It makes them realise that their voices are heard. In precise, child participation helps in building self-confidence in kids. And it brings a positive impact on the way they engage with the community too. 

Ways to improve children’s Decision-making skills

Involve them in the everyday decision-making process

Let’s take a quick example to explain this. If you need to plan a vacation, involve your kids in the whole planning process. Further, initiate a talk to decide on where to stay. Following that, talk about the pros and cons of choosing that place. Doing so will help them consider different resources before finalising a decision.

Give them the chance to practice making choices

As mentioned earlier in the blog, this process evolves at home and between parents. So, start by showing interest in their choice. This makes them feel confident and habituated to speaking out loud. As we all know, practice makes a man perfect; give your kids ample situations to make their decisions. 

Parent’s Role in Decision making

As a parent, start by helping your kid collect all the possible information regarding the presented situation. Let them know that you believe in their skills. This will eventually boost their confidence. Last but not least, give them the space to make mistakes. 

Children should take an active part in the decision-making process. Your child’s ability to participate in decision-making can be critical to their self-worth. We at Skill Stork inspire our students to nurture their active engagement in all aspects of life. We provide them with real opportunities to contribute to the decision-making process. As we conclude this blog, we’d like to emphasise that it is essential to encourage the younger generation to make positive life choices. To make that possible, we need to create a safe space for them to make decisions.

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