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Best international school

Hello, and welcome to our website and blog. Now that you’re here, we can assume that you want to know why we’re the best International School in Warangal. Well, let’s get straight to it.

We, at Skill Stork, believe that an opportunity could be a catalyst for improvement and success. In view of this, we’ve created a space that’s dedicated to the overall development of your child. When it comes to shaping a child for the future, one needs to think and act futuristic. That helps children piece their path by themselves. In view of creating opportunities for children, we’ve left no stone unturned. From picking up from your home to sporting facilities, our school is well-equipped with everything a child needs for growth.

Our school is located in the centre of Warangal, enabling an optimum reach for everyone. Within a 10-acre space, we’ve built up 1,00,000 square feet of area, that’s purely dedicated for the development of children. We give as much importance to sports as we give for academics, which is why, our football ground is of Olympic size, along with synthetic basketball and tennis courts, 400m athletic track, Archery, and many more. With just the infrastructure in mind, we’ve tried to achieve the standards of being the best International school in Warangal.

Coming to the curriculum, we provide IB-PYP and CBSE curriculums. Also, fun fact- we’re the first-ever school in Warangal to provide IB curriculum while also providing an option to choose between IB-PYP and CBSE curricula. We’ve made learning within 4 walls interesting by including interactive classrooms, Innovation centre, and massive library as a source of knowledge for both teachers and children as well.

As educators, we’ve been keen to improve learning in kids, all while including parents in the process. To make this possible, we’ve devised ways to maintain inclusion of parents with the school and their kids. Also, we’ve developed an app exclusive for the parents of children admitting at our school that helps them keep track of their child’s overall growth.

Teachers are the most important constant in how a school portrays itself to the public. A school cannot gamble on the future of children. So, we picked out only the finest teachers to guide the students. To make sure and maintain the quality, we continuously train our staff with specific modules that improve their communication and experience with students.

About the organisation: A part of one of the largest and successful educational establishments, SVS Group of Institutions, we, Skill Stork, are an organisation that focuses on the overall development of children. We believe in a holistic way of learning; meaning, we strive to achieve perfection in every aspect of your kid’s personal, social, and academic development.

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