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Best international school in warangal- skill stork

Hello, and welcome to our website and blog. Now that you’re here, we can assume that you want to know why we’re the best International School in Warangal. Well, let’s get straight to it.

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We, at Skill Stork, believe that an opportunity could be a catalyst for improvement and success. In view of this, we’ve created a space that’s dedicated to the overall development of your child. When it comes to shaping a child for the future, one needs to think and act futuristic. That helps children piece their path by themselves. In view of creating opportunities for children, we’ve left no stone unturned. From picking up from your home to sporting facilities, our school is well-equipped with everything a child needs for growth.

Our school is located in the centre of Warangal, enabling an optimum reach for everyone. Within a 10-acre space, we’ve built up 1,00,000 square feet of area, that’s purely dedicated for the development of children. We give as much importance to sports as we give for academics, which is why, our football ground is of Olympic size, along with synthetic basketball and tennis courts, 400m athletic track, Archery, and many more. With just the infrastructure in mind, we’ve tried to achieve the standards of being the best International school in Warangal.

Coming to the curriculum, we provide IB-PYP and CBSE curriculums. Also, fun fact- we’re the first-ever school in Warangal to provide IB curriculum while also providing an option to choose between IB-PYP and CBSE curricula. We’ve made learning within 4 walls interesting by including interactive classrooms, Innovation centre, and massive library as a source of knowledge for both teachers and children as well. To know more about the curriculum, please click here.

As educators, we’ve been keen to improve learning in kids, all while including parents in the process. To make this possible, we’ve devised ways to maintain inclusion of parents with the school and their kids. Also, we’ve developed an app exclusive for the parents of children admitting at our school that helps them keep track of their child’s overall growth.

Teachers are the most important constant in how a school portrays itself to the public. A school cannot gamble on the future of children. So, we picked out only the finest teachers to guide the students. To make sure and maintain the quality, we continuously train our staff with specific modules that improve their communication and experience with students.

About the organisation: A part of one of the largest and successful educational establishments, SVS Group of Institutions, we, Skill Stork, are an organisation that focuses on the overall development of children. We believe in a holistic way of learning; meaning, we strive to achieve perfection in every aspect of your kid’s personal, social, and academic development.

Best Cambridge Curriculum: Why this curriculum?

A Cambridge Curriculum comes with a set of international standards. It prepares students by developing a sense of wonder and passion in them. The students get the best education through this curriculum, and it stays with them throughout their lives.

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What does this International Course teach students?

Students get a sense of belief and confidence by putting their ideas to work. The curriculum also teaches students to respect themselves and others. Also, it teaches students to think creatively and find solutions to problems on their own. As a result, they come up with answers that can solve the problems. Lastly, it also increases their social skills that can bring a positive difference in the world.

Why this course of study?

The Cambridge International Curriculum helps students become sure, engaged, and innovative. As a result, the students prepare to take on the needs of the world.

Cambridge qualifications give students entry to the world's best colleges. These skills are of great importance to universities like MIT, Harvard, and Cambridge.

These skills give students many chances to do well in the university and beyond. Most Universities focus on the students' thought process. Also, they focus on the deep knowledge of the subject that these skills bring.

How does the Cambridge Curriculum help the students?

This curriculum helps students develop their long-lasting love for learning. Above all, they earn many essential skills that help them stand out in a university and their careers.

The tests give students a sense of focus, motivation, and challenge. The students earn the gift of knowledge, the ability to understand concepts, and higher-order thinking skills. The curriculum supports a firm hold of the subject. As a result, this helps to think in a better way.

These abilities are helpful around the world. Also, these skills help students get the best education and job opportunities in the future. They can count on themselves to be able to do something in their lives.

The best international school, choose the one for your child.

We know how stressful and confusing it can be for you as a parent to choose the best international school for your children. Choosing the right school determines your child's future and makes all the difference in his or her academic career. Most of the schools are coming up with new curricula and have been upgrading the game. Getting your child enrolled in the best international school provides them with the best possible needs for their education in an upbringing environment.

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There are a few factors that you should consider before enrolling your child in the school -

  • Know your child's environment
  • Know your child's likes and dislikes. What kind of environment is he or she comfortable with, or does your child need extra attention? We always feel that a holistic environment works best for every child to grow in. It is because every aspect of learning revolves around the self and thus reflects a deeper understanding.
  • Know the focus points
  • Schools have various focus points and have a wider range of studies to offer. Some have subject-specific or activity-specific methods, and some follow a curriculum. One of the significant advantages of Skill Stork is that we house the best curricula for you to choose from—an activity-centred learning methods curriculum with Early Years Programme. And deep-learning focussed IB, Cambridge, and CBSE curricula.
  • Visit the school
  • When you think the school looks like a good fit for your child, visiting the school is essential. While at the school, paying a visit to the principal, teachers, the classroom, and parent involvement. It can give you an idea about the learning environment. It can also help you know the balance between academics and activities. These observations will allow you to see the critical aspects of the school and its faculty.
  • Talk to the students and parents
  • Talking to the students and parents would help because it can give you a transparent look at the education and how the class quality is. It will also help you understand what the parent-teacher relationship is.
  • Take a look at the ambience
  • Look around and get the feel of the ambience. However, The infrastructure of the school is important too, as your child may build his or her future there.
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Many schools do look into the involvement of the child in extracurricular activities as a part of growth. Moreover, you should also keep in mind the number of activities that are being participated in.

We can assure you that you will be thoroughly impressed by our school with all that being said. From the environment we create to the curricula we provide, we truly focus on the holistic development of children. So, know more about our school by clicking here. And, contact us if you want to know more.

What is the difference between an international school and a regular school?

People always wonder how international schools are different from regular schools. They also wonder how international schools have the edge over regular schools. Let us see why international schools are always being talked about.

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Why choose an international school?

Attending an international school helps your children get a better experience. This education helps the students choose what they would want to be when they grow older. Also, such a programme allows them to learn different things, giving them an edge over other students.

Having an international influence gives students a global perspective. As a result, they explore diverse cultures and get more opportunities in and beyond school.

We, at Skill Stork International School, follow the same principles of such an education programme. This programme gives maximum exposure to students, helping them stand out in a competitive world.

What kind of programmes do international schools follow?

Different schools follow different educational programmes. Most international schools follow International Baccalaureate (IB) and Cambridge programmes. Our school gives your children the best of international education with the help of practical learning. This type of curriculum also encourages experimentation to understand different things in a better way.

How does an international school help students?

Our international curriculum has the Early-Years Programme, Primary Years Programme and the Cambridge curriculum. These courses help the students gain better knowledge about different subjects from a very early age. They are trained to solve any problems they come across. Application and experiment-based learning help the student in these situations.

Students become better leaders and are also better team players. Also, the students get better opportunities in the future. They can get into the world’s best colleges and get the best education after school. They will be ready to compete and make the best out of the opportunities they get.

In conclusion, an international school’s education helps the student get better knowledge and opportunities in future. We will make sure your child makes the most of this curriculum. They will learn to think creatively and solve anything innovatively.